Our compassionate Brandon lawyers can help with your Florida insurance claim disputes and windstorm damage claims throughout the state.
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About the Hurricane Lawyers

definition of legalHurricanes and windstorms are frightening, destructive and cause severe financial and emotional loss. Dealing with your insurance company after a serious storm should not result in additional problems and emotional trauma.

Having faithfully paid your premium month after month, year after year, it is a shock when your insurer devalues or refuses to pay your claim. What can be done?

With over 25 years of insurance litigation experience fighting major insurance companies including hurricane claim disputes, our attorneys will be glad to review your claim and take the appropriate steps to ensure that you obtain the settlement you deserve.

If your insurance company...

  • denies your claim
  • claims there is no damage from the storm
  • undervalues your claim
  • won't respond to your calls or letters
  • insists there is no coverage for your loss
  • delays your claim.

We can also help BEFORE you report the claim. An experienced attorney, handling the case from start to finish, is an excellent way to make sure everything is handled properly. Call our Brandon Hurricane Lawyers today for a free case review.


Our Attorneys Can Help with your Claim Disputes

The Wells Law Group was established with the purpose of helping Florida's families and businesses in disputes with their insurance companies. We know that you have invested major time and money in your property and it is likely your largest financial investment. We know how important it is to obtain a settlement that will get you back on your feet. We can help you do just that.

Your case review is free. If we accept the case, you won't pay anything up front. We work on a contingency basis, which means you will pay no fees or costs associated with the case unless we make a recovery for you. Our percentage fee and the costs we advance are deducted from the recovery we obtain for you, or the court will award a fee if we proceed through trial and prevail. Our goal is to ensure you obtain everything that was contractually promised you by your insurer. Nothing less will do!

If your insurance company isn't acting timely, not giving you the answers to your questions or in some other way not meeting your expectations and it is not living up to its contract, contact us today for a free Case Review. We're here to help.

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