If you are looking for a FL Hurricane attorney, Kim Wells of Brandon, Florida has over 25 years litigating hurricane and windstorm insurance claims.
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Brandon Fl Hurricane & Windstorm Attorneys

If you are looking for a Florida Hurricane Attorney, the Wells Law Group, P.A., can help. Mr. Wells has over 25 years litigating insurance matters, including hurricane claims.

The attorneys at the Wells Law Group have over 80 years of legal experience including litigation with major insurance companies regarding property damage claims and hurricane disputes. Our insurance attorneys will be glad to review your claim and take the appropriate steps to ensure that you obtain the settlement you deserve.

When you need an attorney
You should consult an experienced insurance attorney if your insurance company:

  • Denies insurance coverage exists or denies coverage for part of your hurricane or windstorm claim
  • States your windstorm or hurricane claim is excluded, or subject to a partial exclusion, under your policy of insurance
  • Delays the payment or the adjustment of your storm damage claim
  • Makes false or misleading statements to you
  • Withholds payments for losses under one type of coverage, to try to induce you to settle claims under other types of coverage
  • Provides you with low estimates, low offers, and/or low payments for your hurricane insurance claim
  • Advises you against hiring public adjusters or attorneys
  • Asks for a release as a condition to settle your hurricane insurance claim
  • The insurer’s checks, or correspondence, indicate the payment is "full and final settlement" or is "in full"

If your insurer takes any of the above actions, contact the experienced property insurance attorneys at the Wells Law Group in Brandon Florida.

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